Friday, June 29, 2012

Kay @ Life After Blog

Hello cupcake lovers!
I'm Kay, I blog over at Life After...

I am a new wife to my husby John.
We have a crazy whirlwind love story, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We are no strangers to the hard work that goes into marriage.
He is my best friend, and we try to have LOTS of fun together always!

I'm also a new MAMA. 
Jack (better known as Da Bubba) is the light of my life.
This child is TOO MUCH.
We love him long time over in these parts! 

My current job title reads: Stay at home mom - GASP! At 23 no less!
Safe to say, making mom friends is like - impossible.
Thank God for blog friends :) 
& liking your family a lot helps too!

I am far from Martha Stewart
and the word "super" hardly comes to mind when I think about my parenting title.
But I do sometimes try to do hip mama stuff like make my own baby food 
& cloth diaper 75% 65% of the time...

I may be considered a "mommy blogger"
But I'm also a 20 something blogger & newlywed blogger.
We have good days...bad days.
& everything in between. 
I'm returning to school in the fall for my Master's in Social Work.
Basically it's about to become a new kind of crazy.

I hope you stop by, give Bubba a little love, and even join us on this crazy ride :)

Thank you Kay!!!!! Cutset little baby ever!! Now go show her some cupcake love!!!



  1. Gorgeous family, seriously

  2. I would absolutely stop by, but I'm already there everyday! love your blog (as you know). and gorgeous family is right!

  3. Cute photos, your baby is so cute

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