Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Work it, girl!

Headwrap: c/o Grace & Lace
Shirt, Shoes & White Bracelet: F21
Shorts: The Buckle (Big Star Brand)
Gold Bracelet: c/o Conversation Pieces

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Plus get free shipping with code: HEADWRAP


Do you know what the best part about outfit posts are?!?!

Wearing what you want to wear!

I have mentioned before {here} that you need to 'own it'.

Just work it, girl! Work what you feel comfortable in.
It could be shorts and a t-shirt like I wore this weekend...But I felt good in it!

It's called your style for a reason.

Not everyone has to like it.
Just you!

You may not even like what I wear!
And that's ok! Because it's my style!

I absolutely LOVE looking at everyone's outfit post...
Sometimes I'm not gonna wear the exact same thing because it's not me...but I get ideas or incorporate a little piece of what they wore and make it my own.

So wear what you feel good in and you'll feel like you can conquer the world!

Hope y'all have a great day!!!!!


  1. I love your attitude here! but i'm always too sef conscious regarding what i wear! Anyway you have nice body! I envy you :D

    I just found your blog, anyway. Feel free to visit mine!:)

  2. you are so adorable! you look fantastic.

  3. So so cute! I agree that confidence is so important in "owning" an outfit. Love the headwrap too :)

  4. your look is so casual, cool and laid back - love it!

  5. Again with the headband, you have this look perfected girl!

  6. You rock those headbands so well, woman! Too cute! Love your style :)

  7. love your top! its awesome! and im obsessed w those headbands...i think i need one!

    xo Kelly

    PS. Don't forget to enter my H&M Gold Layered Necklace Giveway & check out my new linkup!

  8. i want that headband!

  9. Love your style. You totally own it & everything looks great on you

  10. I found your blog through Katie's! And do you follow me on Instagram (chrissydj) or maybe I saw your name on Katie's? Your name sounds very familiar! Glad to be a follower now :) Have a great day!


  11. you. are. too. dang. cute.
    the end.
    oh yeah, and i'm super excited to see my face on your sidebar :)

    xo brie

  12. Your attitude (and the head wrap) make the outfit!

  13. You worked it and then some! I practically live in cutoffs during the summer and the cute t'shirt and headband you paired with yours. Newly following by way of WIWW...enjoy your day:)


  14. Your outfit rocks, but I love what you said at the end even more. Style is not about looking like everyone else but an expression of you.

  15. Way to rock the headwrap! And I agree with you - wear what you love and wear it with confidence!


  16. Just found your blog through pleated poppy! I agree with you too. Own what you wear and be confident. I struggle with this sometimes. I also save "special" pieces for a "special" time. I am working on not waiting to wear it because that certain time doesn't always come around. Love the headband!


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