Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bye Bye Flabby Arms!

lose the cupcake
I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning...pretty much pooped already haha. Rea is taking her first nap for the day and I'm counting down the minutes til I can chug my Slam!
I AM READY for the gym! I feel like a kid tugging on the parents clothes saying 'come on hurry up'!
It's 3am as I'm typing this...
Yes. 3am. Gasp.
As long as you all allow me to help you...I Will. Succeed. And will do whatever it takes to be able to work at home for Rea.
I had a whole spill typed up but scrapping it. It was about how only a handful of you have the GUTS to actually make the small changes to see changes.
But you know what...who cares!!
We are all going to live the life we WANT to live.
We will binge.
We will skip workouts.
We will have bad days.
There's no doubt about that.
We will also have GOOD days!
GOOD weeks.
No one is perfect. And life is about balance.
I'm not here to tell you that you don't have the guts (because you already know if you do or don't!). I'm here to inspire you!
And for those who are trying...I'll be here.
I'll be here for your check-ins.
I'll keep you on track during your 24 Day Challenges.
I'll do everything possible to make sure you reach your goals.
Don't do this by don't have to.
All you have to do is take one step.
One. Step. Forward.
Take a step into that gym.
Take a step to meal prep for 5 minutes each night.
Take a step into Advocare.
Take ANY step that is going to better your health and fitness.
It. Will. Change your just don't know it yet.
The only obstable in your way...IS YOU.
We've all got busy lives...believe me. But we make time for the things that matter (hence the reason I'm up at 3am). If getting fit and healthy MATTERS to you....then I'll be here to help.
Don't judge me. Don't judge me if this newsletter makes no sense. Like I's 3am y'all...give me break! Remember no one is perfect! :-)
what manda eats
Another Super Easy and Quick Week Night Meal!
The perfect portion size containg protein, carbs and fats!
It might look like a lot of ingredients but you seriously just throw them all in the same bowl!
IMG 9795
How do I get rid of these flabby arms?
One of the most popular questions that I'm asked!
bye bye flabby arms
Some of you are still traveling this summer. Here are a few healthier options rather than those candy bars or bag of chips!
But I understand if you stop at Buc-ee's...all bets are off!
storeHome slam sampler
If you aren't using a preworkout energy should be.
I don't know about you...but I need all the energy I can get...especially when it comes to my workout.
I want to feel like I had a great workout.
I want to KNOW that I gave it my all and Slam is what gets me to that point.
I haven't met a single person that hasn't loved Slam.
the 24 Day Challenge
I always get asked a ton of questions about the challenge.
I DON'T have all the answers.
But what I CAN tell you is this...
- I can tell you how GREAT it made me feel and how the products continue to make me feel.
- I can tell you that I DON'T know every single ingredient in it...but we DO have a Medical Advisory Board that does the research for me and Endorsers like Drew Brees that USE the products. If they feel comfortable enough to take them...then so do I!
-100% satisfaction. People are losing weight and feeling great!
If you've been struggling with where to begin your health and fitness journey...I'm making it easy for you! Give me 24 days. You DO have what it takes! And there's never going to be the perfect day to start. You just have to do it! Email me at TODAY!
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