Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest posting is awkward. It's feels odd to talk about myself, like I'm applying for a dating video: Actor, Tv host, photographer, sci-fi nerd, and boardgame geek, who can kill you with her bare hands from 12 years of Kung Fu training. Loves ruffled dresses and pretty, pretty shoes, and is recently obsessed with her Vintage-esque bike. Contact me at ModaMama.
I so would not get any dates.

Which is unfortunate, because I have just the best pair of pants for a first date. They're sure to be a winner. I mean they have an elasticized waist that allows me to eat anything and they turn into MC Hammer pants when I tie them up to ride my bike.

Did I mention they're elasticized?

Plus, we wouldn't have to pay for anything 'cause I moonlight as a pirate so I'd just rob the place. Or, alternatively, I could be the night's entertainment as I impersonate Axl Rose.

Who wouldn't want to date me right? I have the sexiest, most revealing date clothes ever...

...And I come ready made with my very own side-kick!

What? Still no takers? Oh fine. I guess it's a good thing I'm already married, 'cause I'm clearly a pro at this dating thing.

You can still come visit me on ModaMama, and maybe check out a CoffeeTalk vid or two.
thank you so much for being here Joanna!
take a moment and visit her won't you?!
tomorrow is my big day!!


  1. Congrats 'Manda! You are going to be the most beautiful blushing bride!

  2. I agree that guest-posting can be awkward! :-/

  3. Cute I love these pictures!


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