Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rea - 4 Months Old & the Secret to Traveling with Her


Rea is growing too too fast. She was actually 4 months on Monday!

So on Monday...I mentioned we would be traveling with Rea to Austin to visit my mom for my birthday.

This trip will be super easy with two of us but About a month ago I traveled to Austin to visit my mom (Grami & Papi) by myself. It's about a 3.5 hour trip from Houston (I think...I can't remember haha).

Eric was out of town on a business trip to New York (lucky butt).

I was pretty nervous and fully prepared to stop or turn around if I needed to! 

Well what do you know...she was a fantastic little travel mate.

The secret?!?! 
1. Keep about 5 pacifiers in front with you at all times.
2. Make sure your arm is long enough to reach the baby.
(Maybe do some arm stretches the week before to make it longer?) haha
3. Place a baby mirror in front of her car seat (attached to the backseat headrest) so you can see her at all times.
4. Anytime you can't find current paci...give her one from your stash!

Not sure if it's the safest but I did keep my eyes on the road...just reached my hand back to her :-/

What are your secrets to traveling with the baby? Or kids in general!

Have a great day yall!


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