Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reaghan's Schedule


We were very lucky that Rea started sleeping 8-10 hours at a month and a half old. 

It was like a switch...she couldn't give up that 1am feeding and then one day she slept all the way thru til 4am. Now she sleeps until 5:30 or it was 7 lol.

I've been asked a lot about our schedule and how we did it. I think every baby is different and maybe we just got lucky...our next baby may be the total opposite and this schedule won't work but I know we'll give it a try lol!


Our pediatrician started us with baby bootcamp at 2 weeks old.
At this point I was delirious, sleep deprived and a conversation with me was a mumble jumble of words you couldn't even I was willing to try whatever might work. 

The Goal.
Eat. Play. Sleep.

It's a 3 hour cycle.

So basically she wakes up in the morning and eats. Do anything and everything you can to keep her up for an hour after feeding (I mean there's not much 'playing' they can do at 2 weeks lol). 

Then she can sleep for no longer than two hours and it's time to eat again. 

Choose a bed time and make it a routine.
We chose 7pm.
So at 7pm, I give her a bath (every night because it relaxes her and she LOVES it), she eats and then goes to bed. She's usually asleep by 8pm with maybe a little rustle here and there.

Let them eat as much and as often as they want at night.

And that's it!

We are still doing this schedule at 3 months old, however, her naps are much shorter and more sporadic throughout the day. There's lots more play time!

Did you have a schedule with your newborn
or did you just wing it throughout the day? 

Have a great day!

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