Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting and Wedding Wednesday Combined!


I just realized... I am getting married! Yes... I know... We have been engaged for a little over a month now... But I think it became a little more real yesterday. I booked a couple of appointments to try on wedding dresses ! Then it hit me....I AM GOING TO TRY ON WEDDING DRESSES! Yay! I really really wanted to show you ladies the style I love and I found a dress I fell in love with...BUT since E reads the blog... I can't. He does not want to know one thing about the dress.

So instead...we are taking our engagement photos in 2 weeks... So I was looking on Pinterest and found some shots that I like. So I am sharing some of my favs with you today :) We actually bought a "Save the Date" sign from Our Hobby to Your Home. You should check them out...they have some cute signs!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I would love to know any tips you ladies might have about taking engagement photos!
Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. hey girl! im so glad you came by my blog...yours is awesome!! so cute and congrats on the engagement! new follower:)

  2. I'm a new follower too! Congrats on the enagement! My husband and I own a photography business, so we have shot a few engement sessions and weddings. My best advice would be to just be comfortable with each other. And don't be embarrassed or afraid to show your affection in front of the photogapher - it helps show the love in the pictures!

  3. HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait to seee the pictures love!

    you guys are going to own the photoshot!


  4. I'm getting married next month and it still kind of hits me occassionally all HOLY MOSES, I'm GETTING MARRIED.

    Congratulations that's so exciting.

  5. Congratulations on your engagement!!!! :)
    Very cute photos! :)
    We never got any engagement photos done. :( We didn't have time - my husband joined the Marines, and wasn't home long enough for us to get them done.) So, I don't have any tips.
    Good luck with yours!

  6. Hellooo new follower here, congratulations on the engagement! Gorgeous pics, can't wait to see what you will do for your engagement shoot. :)

  7. How exciting!! Planning the wedding is one of the best parts!! So make sure you enjoy every single moment because when its all done youll be wising you could do it all over again {personal experience} Love the engagement picture ideas!!

    New follower, cant wait to accompany you in this awesome journey! Keep us updated <3


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