Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh how Pinteresting!

I am really starting to love Pinterest! So I'm linking up here today!


And I am SUPER DUPER sore from yesterday's workout! Here are a few moves I did yesterday to work out my booty and legs. (it's really sad when you can barely get yourself to sit on the toilet...TMI? Lol)

Basic Lunge

Curtsey Lunge

Bent Over Leg Raise

And then here are some yummy desserts that I'm craving lol!!

If you're craving a dessert...enter to win two cupcake jars here.

What do you love on Pinterest today?!
All of my images can be found on my Pinterest!


  1. :) I love that we have our 'workout' before those amazing desserts! YUM! :)

  2. I am drooling right now. All of those deserts look amazing. Good thing you put some workout tips on there... I'm gunna need them after I go on my desert binge!

  3. Those deserts look amazing! I'll definitely need to try some of those workout moves after indulging in the treats haha

  4. Rootbeer float brownies???? I might have just died and gone to Heaven :)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  5. hahhaha i love it
    some exercise pictures and the comes dessert

    whyyy whyy are we soooo weak with desserts lol!

    happy hump day love!

    fly with me ❤

  6. oh yes, I add my love for seeing those yummy sweets while on the workout train! Pinterest is sort of awful for finding yummy desserts.

    thanks for the lunge picture. I struggle with doing them well, so it gave me some good tips. my glutes thank you!

  7. I really need to make that cookie dough!


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