Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On My Mind Tuesday - Riding Boots

Let's link up today with Melina!

Today... I've been thinking so much about riding boots lol. I am obsessed with finding a pair that is inexpensive! After all... We are trying to plan and pay for a wedding! Here are a few that I like so far...

I also like these booties...

All of these can be found on my Pinterest page!

So today in my crock pot... Is Santa Fe Crock Pot Chicken! I wonder how it will turn out? I will let y'all know tomorrow ;)

As always... Working out is on my mind...trying to find the energy in the mornings. I've made it twice this week so far...yay! I think I will try to start the workout routine "making the cut" by Jillian Michaels tomorrow...yikes!

My fiancé is always on my mind...he's so handsome...

Have a lovely day today!!!
What's on your mind?
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  1. hi love!
    :) thanks for linking up

    OMG ! riding boots i need to get some
    for this winter !!

    Santa Fe Crock Pot Chicken sounds yummy!
    hope it turns out good :)

    have a lovely day!


  2. Target has super cute riding boots if you're looking to purchase a pair :)

  3. Thank goodness Vintage Apple's link up always brings me to so many awesome new blogs to follow!! Ummm, those boots?!? Between these pictures and all your pins from today, I have no choice but to check out your pinterest too! ... I seriously want a pair of those boots lol Excited to keep snooping around!

  4. Cute boots! I just purchased these lovely boots from last night! I can wait to get them in the mail!


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