Monday, February 20, 2012

MMM - I don't like fast food!

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For Love of a Cupcake

ok Y'all!

I have to admit...I didn't make it to the gym but maybe once last week. It was seriously a crazy week.

And I am so tired this morning...
But more on that tomorrow! back to the gym this week and eating good again.

I may or may not have told y'all...I don't really eat a lot of fast food. Well, this weekend...we were on the road the whole time...and what is there to eat on the road? FAST FOOD ONLY.

I feel like BLAH today!

Do you ladies eat a lot of fast food....or do you choose healthy choices if you eat at a fast food restaurant?

My fav places to eat...if I am getting something quick...would be Panera Bread or Subway. BUT mostly Panera Bread. I could eat that every day haha! I think I've prob mentioned Panera a few times!! And I can't believe some of you ladies don't even have one in your state!

As I've said before...

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I dare you to cut down on your fast food intake this week!

I know lives get busy and it's soooo easy to eat fast food. But you can still make decent choices if you have eat at these places.

We normally eat fast food at least once on the it in moderation! that I'm done telling you what to is some fitness motivation to get you back in the gym...I know I need it!!

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Tell us about your fitness journey!

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  1. I don't like fast food either. i'd always pick subway too! Can't wait to see pics and hear about your puppy!!

  2. Eeeeek. I don't like fast food too much either. If I have the choice, I won't eat it. But like you said - we get busy! PANERA is my FAVORITE... love subway, too! But.... I have a confession: if I go to Mcdonalds, sometimes.... I get a BIG MAC. I can't help it! They are so good! LOL. And I can't wait to see TANK!!

  3. I love subway too, and really the only fast food I like is Wendy's. Love their new fries! A guilty pleasure in march is shamrock shakes from mcdonald's! I love those! I try to only have one just to get my fill! But they are hard to resist for 6 weeks! I think a key to continually working out is to have set goals to reach. We are going on our honeymoon at the end of May so we have slowly been revving it up with our workouts and have a personal trainer once a week. But not it's crunch time and these next few months I plan on really stepping it up! I want to look good and FEEL good and comfortable in a bikini! I am also running a 10k mid april so another goal to work towards. I am running a lot more, taking yoga/pilates classes 2-3x a week, and also trying to do 1 spin class, and our 1 session with our trainer. We are on a high protein, high fiber, low sugar diet. But I am finding doing this for too long is driving me nuts, and if I don't eat normal food once a week I will cheat like crazy! So like you said, don't starve yourself, but also don't deprive yourself something nice if you are exercising and eating well most of the week. It just becomes torture!

  4. :) thank you for the motivation!
    i been dieting all week and i am
    so happy .. this sunday i weighted
    myself and lost 2 pounds! WOOT WOOT

    i am glad i cut back on everything
    that was unhealthy and i am
    exercising like crazy!

    your posts always help me to
    stay focus ♥

    MELINA ♥

  5. I really dislike fast food. It's bad for you and honestly, it just doesn't taste good to me. I agree with you Panera and Subway are my faves and I would also add Chick-fil-a to the list :) Panera by far the best. I probably have it once a week...ooops. I was sick last week and had it 3 times because all I wanted to eat was soup or bagels! Happy Monday!


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