Friday, April 20, 2012

Our 3rd Date Story!

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So I'm sure if I've really told you guys that I love food!

Well, Eric I and went to Cheddars for our third date. It had just opened and I'd never been there. It's good old country cookin'!

I order a chicken fried steak!
(I couldn't wait to chomp down on that!)

Eric...being the healthy eater he is...orders fish and veggies.

I know what you're and veggies??? YES!

I think at some point when we first got the food I offer him a bite to try...and he says no.

I'm like I eat the whole thing!
(mind you...these chicken fried steaks are bigger than the plate!)

I'm not a salad picking kinda gal...I love my food!!

Eric said he went to ask me for a bite towards the end of dinner and it was gone!

I think he was shocked!


Now...he likes to tell everyone that I scarfed it down and never offered a bite! He says he went to ask for a bite and it was gone!

You lose buddy!

 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!
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  1. AW :) I am like you, I like my FOOD!

  2. Haha. That is so funny! I'm the same way girl, love my food! And I tend to get grumpy if my stomach is growling. lol

  3. haha love it!
    I'm the same way :)

  4. ha ha Love this, so cute! Happy weekend!

  5. Haha! Great story! I think guys like a girl that eats and not just a salad. I'm with you; like my food!

  6. haha girl, you are not alone. my husband always complains that he never gets to finish my meals for me. He sees all these other girl letting their men finish things up, but I am like, "don't even think about touching my fries, boy!"

  7. So funny...I am the same way! Also, I gave your blog a little shout out over at Cupcakes and Candy Canes!



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