Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's ok...Our Second Date Story!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok to have _____ in your
teeth while on a second date.

Our 'second date' story!

So we've been together for just a smidgen over three years!
On our first date...we were both super quiet...that's just who we we had a few silent moments lol.

Well...we obviously went on a second date
and this is a tidbit of that date?

...We go out to eat at Babins...a Cajun seafood restaurant. We order their artichoke spinach dip as an appetizer.
We are talking and for some reason I say...'yeah it never fails that I always get something stuck in my teeth...and spinach is the worst! I don't have anything in my teeth do I?'

E says...'Well actually you do have spinach in your teeth right now!

So today...when E tells the story...
he likes to say that it was the biggest piece of spinach ever! And that it was there...dangling for the longest time throughout dinner!

I still can't believe he let me go that long with spinach in my teeth!! He says he didn't know how to tell WAS only our second date!

Would you have told your date? Or just let it stay there?!

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  1. thats funny. and a cute story now. ;)

  2. ahh... first dates! so fun! i totally would have told my date too... great way to loosen up and laugh a little. i love that e embellishes a little now. so adorable!

  3. I probably would have said something if it didn't disappear after a couple minutes.
    I can see the convo going like this:
    Me: Do I have anything in my teeth?
    Date: No.
    Me: Well, you do.
    And then that would probably be it for that relationship. Good thing I'm married already....
    Love your blog. So cute. I'm following you now which knocked you off of 666 followers, which I kind of feel bad about. I don't know why....
    And now I'm going to end the world's longest comment.
    xox Whitney

  4. Aww this is such a cute story! You two are adorable!

  5. Hey there! I'm a new follower from The Knotty Boutique Co!

    I totally would've said, "Hey, you've got something in your teeth..." But I would only tell them so they wouldn't be embarrassed even more later on. I don't know lol!

  6. Haha!! That's cute...I'm sure not at the time but looking back makes you laugh. On one of our first dates went to dinner and I ordered the quesadillas and ate them with a fork because I was so nervous I'd get something in my teeth! He still picks on me for that. "Who eats quesadillas with a fork!" Cute story! :)

  7. aw i hate it when that happens! when i first started dating my husband, i cut my gums on a tortilla chip and my mouth started bleeding really bad. it was terrible.

  8. Just read this from the link in your post today- too funny! My husband cannot stand when anything is stuck in my teeth (which is often) and will go as far as to try to pick it out for me. Being the good wife that I am I like to keep the food stuck and go around like that...just to drive him nuts :-)

  9. Aww you are such a wonderful couple. :)

    college dating


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