Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Living Healthy - HOW TO create a Schedule

Creating a schedule that works for YOUR family…

One of the most asked questions from you guys is… How do you do find time to workout?

Well let me tell you!

First of all…when Reaghan was born…it took EIGHT months for us to come up with a schedule. EIGHT MONTHS!

The first month after Rea….I don’t think we were eating super-duper healthy. We were in a daze and sleep deprived (I don’t remember a darn thing from those days)! I might have been in a daze that second month as well!

By month 3, I was cooking one of three things… grilling chicken, making healthy quesadillas or healthy sweet potato nachos. Pretty sure this was the menu for two months (poor Eric).

Mind you…I did not work out during these 4 months AT ALL!

When Rea was 5 months…I returned to work. We were back to eating grilled chicken every day that Eric grilled in bulk on Sunday and Wednesday nights. NEVER AGAIN can I eat plain grilled chicken (I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’m totally serious).  Check out these yummy recipes to add some flavor to your nights… Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie and White Bean Turkey Chili

Month 6 & 7 we made it back to eating quesadillas and sweet potato nachos (Eric’s probably giving me the stink eye every night!)!

I STILL wasn’t working out.

Month EIGHT…I was pretty much disgusted with myself. I had zero energy and my pre pregnancy clothes were NOT fitting. I would see photos or stories of new moms that were fitting into their old clothes within 3 months (oh aren’t you so lucky).

Luckily this is when I found Advocare as well and it gave me the energy I needed. I hadn’t worked out for eight months (nor did I have the motivation). Well…really a year and a half because I might have worked out ONCE while I was pregnant.

So Eric and I talked a lot about how I could get back in the gym. I tried working out after work but I felt super rushed and Rea went to bed early…I’m talking 6 (I think) so that didn’t work for us. I knew there was a gym within a mile of my office so the only logical plan that we came up with was me working out during lunch. This allowed both Eric and I to workout every day!

YES! We finally found a routine (halleluiah)! This worked amazingly…and the lunch hour workout was a great break to recharge for the second half of the day. Now…I’m even able to go to Crossfit AND cook something other than quesadillas!

So if I want you to take anything out of this story…
…find a routine that works for YOUR family. It may take a couple of tries. But it CAN be done.  DON’T give up. And ask for help.  

Think about when you have some open time and see if you can fit working out during that time. Or bring the kiddos to the gym with you. There are also tons of workouts you can do in your living room (like while you’re watching the ID Channel).

There are soooooooo many moms (especially at crossfit) that fit working out and eating right into their lifestyles. BUT you are going to have to put in some kind of effort (don’t wish for it). If you haven’t already read my post about goals…go HERE now (well after you finish reading this post)!

I’ll talk to you all about meal prepping in another post. This one was more about finding time to working fitness into your family’s schedule.

I hope this helps some of you!
If you have any questions….please ask me! I’d love to help!


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